i-Customs 2017. Results

TOP 5 of  Participants of " I-Customs" Conference.

1. Lamonina Anastasiya (Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus).
2. Pudonina Valentina, Dmitriy Dankovtsev (ITMO University, Russian Federation) and Julio Efrax ,G.Ando,Kizha Vhan T.Beleran (Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, Philippines).
3. Lavrentiev Yaroslav, Gribkov Alexander (Saratov State University, Russian Federation)
4. Utkina Arina (ITMO University, Russian Federation).
5. Lavrinovich Alexander (St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy, Russian Federation).



18-20 May, 2017

St.Petersburg, ITMO University, Lomonosova street, 9

Preliminary program:

Day 1. 18 May 2017

9.30 - 10.00


10.00 - 10.30

Opening Ceremony

Welcoming remarks and greetings on behalf of the Conference organizers, Scientific Supervisor, Chairman of the Conference Jury, Conference Experts

10.30 - 12.30

Presentations of student research papers ( 9 )

  1. Khohlova Anastasia. ITMO University,  Russian Federation. ”Analysis of the Eurobond Placement by the Russian issuers before and after the Imposition of Sanctions”.
  2. Zhevlakova Anastasia. Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus. “The influence of Globalization and Regionalization on the development of Customs Affairs”.
  3. Faruleva Arina, Kurbanova Naira .Vyborg branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russian Federation. “The European Union and Eurasian Economic Union: Problems and Prospects of the Cooperation in the Current Geopolitical Conditions”.
  4. Tultseva Anastasia.The Russian Customs Academy, Moscow region, Russian Federation. “Customs Tariff on Goods of Internet-Trading”.
  5. Prytkova Elena. St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy, Russian Federation. “Globalization and Regionalization influence on the Customs Policy of the State”.
  6. Fomina Alena .Kemerovo Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russian Federation.  “Risk Management System in the field of Customs in Russia”.
  7. Utkina Arina. ITMO University,  Russian Federation. ”The influence of the International Standard “e-Freight” on the topical issues of Customs Regulation”.
  8. Kochneva Anastasiya , Sumusenko Christina .The Russian Customs Academy, Moscow region, Russian Federation. "The Improvement of the Customs Authorities Activities connected with implementation of Customs Control after Release of the Goods”.
  9. Vibe Andrey, Nikulina Elena. ITMO University,  Russian Federation. «Mirror» comparison of Crude Oil Trade Data between the Russian Federation and the Netherlands”.

12.30 - 13.15


13.15 - 15.15

Presentations of student research papers ( 9 )

  1. Pudonina Valentina, Dmitriy Dankovtsev ( ITMO University,  Russian Federation) and Julio Efrax ,G.Ando,Kizha Vhan T.Beleran (Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, Philippines). “Comparative Analysis of the Customs Valuation Systems of the Philippines and the Eurasian Economic Union”.
  2. Kalmykova Ekaterina, Galiyeva Nelli (ITMO University, Russian Federation) and Prianichnikova Anya, Niki Pleser (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland). “The Balance of Domestic and Foreign Markets: the case of Russia and Finland”.
  3. Boltayeva Gulrukh ( ITMO University, Russian Federation) and Isaac T. Bamusi  (the University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine).”Customs Cooperation in combating International Terrorism”.
  4. Pleshcheva Kseniya .Tyumen State University, Russian Federation. “Development of Transport and Logistic Infrastructure in the Asian part of Russia”.
  5.  Lavrentiev Yaroslav, Gribkov Alexander. Saratov State University, the Russian Federation. "Major problems in Legal Regulations of Automobiles Import."
  6. Lamonina Anastasiya .Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus. “Risk Management System as an effective means of Customs Border Control”.
  7. Lavrinovich Alexander. St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy.”B2C: Blockchains to Customs”.
  8. Chekalova Polina, Klementiev Roman. Samara State Technical University, the Russian Federation.”The application of the Risk Management System for the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes”.
  9. Kudryavtseva Svetlana . The Russian Customs Academy, Moscow, Russan Federation. ”Controlling as a Solution for problems with Communication between the Federal Customs Service and Business".

15.15 - 15.45

Closing remarks

Group photo

15.30 - 16.15

The Conference Jury meeting

Day 2. 19 May 2017

9.00 - 9.30


9.30 - 10.30

Assembly Hall. Public Lecture of Prof.dr hab. Wieslaw CzyzowiczPh.D Business Law Department, Business Administration Collegium Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

10.45 - 13.00

Open lectures presented by the Conference Experts


Assembly Hall:

Mr. Hao Woo, Brussel, Belgium, the World Customs Organization. “Customs Administrations: Prepared for Implementing the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation?”

Ms. Anzelika Krastina, Rovaniemi, Finland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences. “Cross-Cultural Implications in International Business Projects. Case: Arctic cross-border cooperation”


Lecture room 1221 (in Russian)

Ms.Olga Sokolnikova,Moscow,Russia, the Russian Customs Academy .“Organization of the Foreign Economic Activity of the Enterprise: Economics, Law, Logistics, Customs  ( the student internship case)” (in Russian) .

Ms.Irina Petrova, St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy. "The Role of Preliminary Classification Decisions in the implementation of the Customs Control” (in Russian) .

Ms. Svetlana Chistyakova , St.Petersburg,Russia, ITMO University. "Development of the Special Economic Zone in St. Petersburg. Practical application of the Customs Procedure of the Free Customs Zone at the current stage" (in Russian) .

Ms.Olga Sharapova, St.Petersburg,Russia, ITMO University. “Electronic System of Verification of Certificates of Origin of Goods” (in Russian) .



Lecture room 1222

Ms. Tamila Melikidze, Tbilisi, Georgia,Integration Point Georgia. “Clearance of Goods in the Customs Clearance Zone of Georgia”

Ms.Nadia  Degli Antoni,Verona,Italy. Verona University . “Customs and Art Philosophy – Literature – Painting”

Prof. Cesare Gagliardi, Verona, Italy. Verona University.Full Professor of English Linguistics. “What is a TEXT”

13.00 - 13.45


13.45 - 15.45

i-Customs Student Concert. Awarding Ceremony .Closing remarks and the Conference Closure

15.45 - 16.15

ICSA Meeting

Day 3. 20 May 2017


   Cultural Programme provides 2 options:

  1. Walking tour of St. Petersburg
  2. A tour to Peterhof