Greeting from Chair of the Scientific Council of the Conference Wieslaw Czyzowicz

 Dear friends, young specialists in customs affairs!

Today's issues of development of international relations and especially international economic relations, and within them - the problem of international flow of goods, both during the millennia, and today are closely related to customs. Customs affairs, such as customs duties, customs authorities, the mutual relations with the business - all this has a huge practical and scientific interest. For students from different countries, who are studying for different specialties - history, economics, law, customs affairs, political science, management and others, customs is not only a subject of study, but also a field for research.

Until now, there hasn’t been such an international forum where students, young scientists could present the results of their research and give innovative proposals to improve the scientific cooperation. The forum where they could argue and conduct scientific discussions related to customs and its relationship with the business. Therefore, a new idea has started up – to create the International Student Forum, which would represent itself the Youth Forum of the WCO PICARD Conference - Partnership in Customs, Academic Research and Development.

This idea is related to the belief that the strengthening of international cooperation among the students is based on the activation of the scientific activity of students, on creating conditions for the realization of the intellectual potential of young people. Drawing your attention to the contemporary issues of international trade and customs policy is an important tool in the search for effective solutions for states, governments and business. I hope the meeting at the I-Customs Conference for many will be a useful stage for professional development, and new acquaintances will expand the social circle.

Chair of the Scientific Council of the Conference

Wieslaw Czyzowicz

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Warsaw - January 26th, the International Customs Day