WCO PICARD Conference

9-11 October, 2018

Malatya, Turkey


PICARD Conference, Youth Forumorganized by the International Youth Committee in collaboration with the WCO,will be held within the 13 th PICARD Conference

11 October, 2018

Malatya, Turkey


Minsk, Belarus

April, 2019

i-Customs Regional Competitions

March, 2019

Tumen, Moscow, Samara

Days of intellectual property in the Northwestern Federal District

18-27 April 2019

St.Petersburg, Russia


 IV International i-Customs Conference

May- June, 2019

St.Petersburg, Russia



ICSA Meeting

19 May 2019

St.Petersburg, Russia



 WCO PICARD Conference 2019

WCO PICARD Conference, 2019, Youth Forum


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