About ICSA

The Association is a nonprofit organization that does not pursue generation of profit as a main objective of their activity and does not distribute the received profit between the employees and members of the Association as their income. In the case of making a profit as a result of the Association's activity, it is directed towards the achievement of statutory objectives of the Association.

The Association acquires rights and obligations of the legal entity upon its state registration. 1.6. The Association’s activity is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On nonprofit organizations", other current Russian legislation, the Charter in accordance with the principles of voluntariness, equality, self-government, legality and transparency.

 The Association may have a seal, a stamp, an emblem, a symbol, registered in accordance with the established procedure. The Association can carry out its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

 The Association may establish on the territory of the Russian Federation branches and representative offices which don’t have rights of a legal entity. The Association have a right to act as founders of other legal entities individually or in cooperation with other legal entities and private individuals.

The Association was established in perpetuity.

The main objective of the Association is the creation of an international student discussion platform where customs students have the opportunity of formal and informal communication.
 The Association was created for purposes of an international association of students, graduate and postgraduate students and other customs students in various educational institutions, both Russian and foreign.
The main values of the Association are: responsibility, command spirit, commitment, aspiration to self-education and the friendly environment united by common goals, confidence in prospects of the international student's cooperation.


The Association’s activity is based on the following principles:

  •  Implementation of  projects in the fields of customs education and sciences.
  •  Innovative nature of activity.
  •  Forming of the accurate system directed towards the performance of goals.
  •  Collective nature of the decision-making;
  •  Openness of activity of the Association.

Object of activity of the Association:

  • assistance in preservation and development of the best traditions of the international cooperation in the sphere of customs and academic researches;
  • development of the international student's mobility, participation of students in the international training in customs services and law-enforcement departments;
  • development of cooperation with customs and law-enforcement agencies of the states which educational institutions are members of the Association, concerning employment of young specialists;
  • development of cooperation with the international and national companies - participants of foreign economic activity in the sphere of employment of young specialists in the field of customs affairs;
  • participation in the international customs organizations, carrying out joint scientific and practical work;
  • organization and support of scientific and practical conferences in the sphere of customs affairs;
  • the organization and holding of the International youth forum of the PICARD Conference (Youth Forum) and the International Youth i-Customs Conference - the selection stage of the Youth Forum;
  • participation in development and methodical and organizational help for implementation of additional educational professional programs of professional development of experts in the field of customs affairs;
  • assistance in creation and publication of scientific and methodical and educational and methodical works, developments, grants, textbooks;
  • organization of public representation of scientific works of students on the website, in magazines and collections of the Association;
  • edition of the youth scientific magazine "i-Customs Journal";
  • assistance in organization of extra-curricular activities with students (visit of events of the Association);
  • rendering information, consulting and organizational help to the members;
  • implementation of business activity only so far as it serves to achievement of the objectives for which the Association is created.


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