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The International Customs Students Association (the ICSA) is a community that creates a special professional environment for students interested in international business and customs regulations.
The Association aims to promote the international student partnerships and communication, increase the educational potential in the field of customs.
The ICSA is an interesting professional and informal communication with peers and business experts from around the world, the implementation of collective youth initiatives, and participation in joint youth forums, conferences and projects.

ICSA is a joint project of the Center for International Cooperation Foundation " Caduceus" and the Association of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC).

The ICSA Association presented a side project - the International Assembly of Young Inventors of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union!

Young winners of the largest international and national innovation competitions of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, young inventors who have gained fame in their countries due to recognized developments take part in the work of the Assembly.

Within the framework of the Assembly, the International Exhibition of Innovative Projects of Young Inventors from the countries of the Eurasian region will be held.

Regulations on the International Assembly

of Young Inventors of the countries of the

Eurasian Economic Union



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Chairman of the Association

Аndrei Nikolaev

Russian Federation, ITMO University, PhD 

nikand951@gmail.com, dir@i-customs.com


Goncharova Daria


Russian Federation, ITMO University, "Customs" Specialist



Boltaeva Gulrikh

Russian Federation, ITMO University


Russian National Working Group

Аndrei Nikolaev

Head of Russian Working Group

Russian Customs Academy (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Rostov na Donu)
Sofia Slukina
Samara State Technical University
Konstsntin Trubistyn

University of Tumen

Elena Vakorina


Valentin  Vakhrushev

ITMO University

Andrei Nikolaev


Alexei Bondarenko


Olga Bobrova

RANEPA, Vyborg Branch


Chelyabinsk State University


  Ukranian National Working Group

Вranko Hamilton

Head of Ukranian ICSA Working group

Rasim Imanov 

Deputy Chairman of ICSA

Ramil Imanov

Secretary of ICSA
  Philippines National Working Group

Jerem Micah L.Espanola

Head of Philippine ICSA Working group
  Poland National Working Group

Parik Ryzevsky

Head of Poland ICSA Working group
  Honduras National Working Group

Hector David Aguilar

Head of Honduras ICSA Working group

Leonardo Bonilla

Vice Chairman of Honduras ICSA Working group
 Belarus National Working Group

Anastasia Lamonina

Chairman of Belarus ICSA Working group




Anastasia Zhevlakova

Vice-Chairman of Belarus ICSA Working group
Kazakhstan National Working Group
 Tunis National Working Group
Tunis Business School
 Ons Ben Slimen
  Сhinese Working Group

Xiny Ye

China, Shanghai Customs College. А senior student, the Customs Management department.

Uzbekistan Working Group