Fiscal representation

Gerlach is your reliable fiscal agent for imported goods

As your fiscal representative, we take over the complete process of importing goods for you and ensure that goods are imported smoothly.

The possibility of being represented by a fiscal representative is an attractive procedure for companies that do not have a tax registration in the country where the goods enter the EU. In order to avoid making mistakes during customs declarations, you should commission a reliable expert to represent your company in your fiscal affairs.
Gerlach will take care of import customs clearance for you, the submission of the VAT deferment and the statistical reports for the subsequent Intra-community delivery. Therefore, as a fiscal representative, you should rely on Gerlach – your customs specialist – for your imports.


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This service is not fully available in Czechia (VAT services in Czechia).

A different range of services with regard to fiscal representation services is also offered in Switzerland. (Fiskalvertretung CH DEReprésentation fiscale CH FR, Rappresentazione fiscale CH IT)

Your advantages with Gerlach as your fiscal representative:

We take over the customs declarations for the import customs clearance and make the advance payment of import duties on your behalf.
We take care of the filling of the required VAT deferment as fiscal representatives in the respective EU country.
We support you in physical customs inspections and document processing.
We take over the Intrastat registrations.
We support enquiries and communications from customs authorities and archive all relevant documents.
We advise you on all questions of customs law, statistics and turnover tax law in connection with fiscal representation.
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VAT services

For foreign legal entities we provide the registration for value-added tax (VAT) in the Czech Republic and all support in fulfilling obligations associated with the registration.


We support you in all requirements of the transport of your goods in transit and ensure the correct handling of customs clearance.


In case your company performs intra-community trade, you have to make sure that you meet all statistical requirements.


We accompany you through the complete process of import customs clearance and ensure a smooth import of goods.

Fiscal representation

As your fiscal representative, we take over the complete process of importing goods for you and ensure that goods are imported smoothly.


We accompany you through the complete process of export customs clearance and ensure a smooth export of your goods.

Digital Customs Platform

We offer you a web portal that enables you to accelerate and simplify your import and export processes.

Clearance Package Norway

We offer companies, who export goods to Norway, a convenient way to enter the market: Our joint customs clearance package.

    Fiscal representation
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    The process of importing goods from a third country is associated with high administrative effort and costs. If, for example, a company from another EU member state imports goods from a non-EU country (third country) via one EU country, and the goods are to be cleared for free circulation upon arrival, not only customs but also the specific EU countries import turnover tax (VAT) would be incurred. It can take months before they are refunded, which affects the liquidity of a company.

    Fiscal representation relieves companies of administrative effort and costs by providing advance financing for import turnover tax. It is specially designed for companies that import goods from a third country into the EU. They can do this via an EU member state in which they themselves are neither resident nor have any other taxable turnover before the goods are transported to the country of destination. In this EU member state, which serves as the importing country, Gerlach, as the fiscal representative, handles the sales tax for imports from third countries. We also take care of the prescribed reporting and declaration obligations (customs clearance).

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