Scientific Supervisor of the “i-Customs” Conference

Wieslaw Czyzowicz

Professor, Dr, Ph.D. Organization: Warsaw School of Economics. The field of professional competencies: international and union customs policy and law, history of customs, management and modernization of customs. Professor of economics and law at the Warsaw School of  Economics, foreihn visiting professor: University of Münster (Germany), Russian Customs Academy (Russia), Ukrainian Customs Academy - today University of Finance and Customs (Ukraine), Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade (Kazakhstan), Komensky's University in Bratislava (Slovakia) etc. The author of 300 scientific works - manuals, books and articles  dedicated to the policy - theory and practice, Customs law - international, European Union and Polish, on the history of Customs and the managerial problems of Customs and relationship with business communities.Since 1995 till 1999 Wieslaw Czyzowicz has been the Head of the Commercial Division at the Consulate General of the Polish Republic in Los Angeles. Since 2006 up today  has been the President of the Consultative Council to the Minister of Finance (which he also held from 1999 until the end of 2003). Wieslaw Czyzowicz has contributed to the improvement of the Polish Customs Service to the standards of the European Union.Since 2005 he has been a member and co-founder of the program of the WCO, entitled "Partnership for Customs Research and Development (PICARD)" and International Network of Customs Universities (INCU) as well as its Board and its "World Customs Journal".

Сhairman of the “i-Customs” Conference Jury

Viktor Chentsov 

D. Sc. ( History), D.Sc.( Public Administration), Professor, University of Customs and Finance ( Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine). Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Historical Science. Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Science in Public Administration. The Head and the member of the Editorial Board of the leading national and international journals. Merited Scientist of Ukraine. The establisher of the WCO Regional Training Center in Ukraine. Awards of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine , the State Customs of Ukraine and other authorities. The author of more than 230 publications in the problems of History and current activities of the secret and customs services of the world, mechanisms of the public administration including 10 monographs and 7 textbooks.Sphere of scientific interests: the problems of history and current activity of secret and customs services of the world, mechanisms of the state management of customs, administration of customs procedures.


“i-Customs” Conference Jury

Andres Rohde 

 Professor, President of International Customs Law Academy (ICLA) 

Еlena Bogdanova  

Doctor of Economics, Professor ITMO University. The field of professional competences: management and innovations in customs; intellectual property  and innovatics. One of the leading experts in innovation studies and preparation of specialists in international economic activities and customs administration. An idea developer, founder and Direcor of the Institute of International Business and Law ITMO University. Since 1995 to 2002 Elena Bogdanova worked in the Branch of the Russian Customs Academy named after V.B. Bobkov and in the Institute for Trade and Economy as the Head of the Statistics Chair. Elena Bogdanova is an initiator and organizer of the programs and projects significant for the foreign economic sphere of St. Petersburg. She has been awarded with the Certificate of Gratitude issued by the Head of the Russian Federal Customs Service for the creation of the new model of the professional development for the FCS employees. Elena Bogdanova is a member of St. Petersburg municipal headquarters for combating counterfeit goods. She heads the Chair of Customs and Logistics, the Chair of the Intellectual Property and Innovation Management.

Olena Pavlenko

Doctor of Education, Professor, University of Customs and Finance,  (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine). The field of professional competences: professional training, professional and educational standards, competences, PR- and educational strategies, Bologna process. Head of Foreign Languages and Professional Language Training Department. Professor of Public Service and Customs Department / University of Customs and Finance; Colonel; Editor-in-Chief of Customs Scientific Journal; Independent Expert on manuals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2009), UNDP Expert on education, member of the UNECE STAR-ed group; Coordinator of the WCO pilot project PICARD in Ukraine (2008/2010), Executive Director of WCO Regional Training Centre for European Region. 

  Gennadii Brovka

Assosiate Professor, PhD in Education, Dean of Management Technologies and Humanitarization Faculty, Belarusian  National Technical University. The Foreign Policy and Security Research Center expert, Belarus. The field of professional competences: Management of Educational Systems; International Activity of Higher Educational Institutions;Customs Management; Economic Security. 

Hans Michael Wolffgang 

Dr. iur, Professor of Law, University of Munster, Germany. The field of professional competencies: International and European Customs Law, International Trade Law; Professor of International trade and Tax Law and Head of the Department of Customs and Excise at the University of Munster;а founder and partner of the AWB Tax Consultancy Ltd (Munster,Germany);a founder of the AWB Law Firm Ltd ( Munster and Munich, Germany); the Editor-in-Chief of the AwPrax, the leading journal of external trade and customs law; a co-founder and member of the Editorial Board of the World Customs journal; Vice-President of the INCU.

Lars Кarlsson   

President and CEO of KGH Border Services, Sweden. Board Member of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU). Master in International Customs Law and Administration. The field of professional competencies: Customs, Borders, Legislation, ICT, Risk Management, Capacity Building & Development AID. The leading world expert in Customs, Risk management. Director, Swedish Customs (2010-2012). Director of Сapacity Building at the World Customs Organization (2006-2011). The architect behind the modern Customs standards and models for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), Single Window and Coordinated Border Management. The initiator of the WCO programmes like SAFE, Columbus, Leadership development, PICARD. The author of books and articles in a number of academic publications worldwide, including the World Customs Journal.The winner of the International Gothia Prize for Best Innovation (2001); the Swedish Manager of the Year (2003).     

 Robert Ireland

 Title: Head of the World Customs Organization Research Unit

 Academic status: B.A. Political Science;  M.A. Public Administration

 The field of professional competences: Research and policy analisys on Customs and international trade matters                   

Serguei Кouzmine

UN Economic Commission for Europe (Geneva, Switzerland); Ph.D. in Economics; more than 30 years of experience (on the national and international levels) in the areas relating to international trade, international commodity markets, standards and regulations on the global market, trade and transport facilitation, electronic documents, good regulatory practices and governance, organization of international conferences and of training seminars on the issues mentioned above.

Expert Committee of the “i-Customs”Conference

                        Аndrei Ozoling   

Аnna Agapova

Ph.D, Associate Professor. An academic teacher of the Institute of International Business and Law ITMO UniversityThe field of professional competencies: Customs Value of Goods, Customs and Tariff Regulations of Foreign Trade Activity, Currency Control, Customs Control after the Release of GoodsAcademic teacher, author of more than 40 scientific and scientific-methodical publications.


Cesare Gagliardi

Associate Researcher. Full Professor of the English Language and Linguistics. Verona University.Department of Law. Founder and former Head of the Language Centre. Former Head of the Department of English Studies. Former Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Former Head of Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages. The field of professional competencies: ESP for Customs & Excise. Co-author of the book “ESP Syllabus for Customs & Excise” (2015).

Ewa Gwardzi'nska

Ph.D, Associate Professor. An academic teacher, Warsaw school of Economics. The area of professional competence: customs services, interpretation of legislation and regulations relating to the services provided by customs authorities for customs procedures. Academic teacher, author of over 80 publications, the author of numerous commentaries to the customs legislation, the Customs Advisor to Polish Chamber of Logistics and Transportation.

Nadia Degli Antoni

Italian Customs Agency (Verona): ­Senior Customs Officer. Customs Broker License. Verona University. Assosiate Researcher, PhD. Expert on the Subject Faculty of Foreign Languages.Faculty of Economics.Faculty of Education . The field of professional competencies: ESP for Customs & Excise.The Project Leader : "Customs & Excise Professional Refresher Course", Co-author of the book “ESP Syllabus for Customs & Excise” (2015).

                      Оlga Sharapova   

                      Svetlana Chistaikova