Youth Forum



The 6th Youth Forum,
organized by the International Youth Committee in collaboration with the WCO,
 will be held within the 14th PICARD Conference
in Skopje, North Macedonia

on October, 23, 2019

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The Program of the 6 th International  PICARD Youth Forum 2019

The Program of the WCO PIACRD Conference 2019


Every year the leading experts in the field of International business and Customs tend to pay more attention to the PICARD Youth Forum. It has become an international discussion platform where students from various countries present their research to the Conference experts and university officials.

On the 24 October, in Scopje ,we will start the VI International PICARD Youth Forum! .The event will bring together more than 100 young customs students from different parts of the world to discuss the issues of international business and customs regulations.
Scientific works out of the presented papers had participated in the international youth project “i-Customs” (the one initiated by the customs students of Institute for International Business and Law, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia).

On behalf of the Youth Organizing Committee, I invite you to join us and feel like a part of the world customs family!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the 6th PICARD Youth Forum!

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Forum
Andrey Nikolaev


 “Dear colleagues! 
Please accept my sincere congratulations on the success of the Youth Forum organized in the framework of the international conference PICARD. The event was notable for its excellent organization, highly relevant, balanced agenda, and a high professional level of the speakers. I would also like to mention a representative range of experts, open and informative discussions of customs related problems that allowed for a better understanding of the speakers’ position in matters of customs administration and the promotion of academic research pertaining to the activities of the customs authorities. I wish your friendly like-minded team the further success and hope for our continued interaction in the development of international academic cooperation in the field of customs.”
Mr. Igor Sergeev, Dean of the Faculty of Customs and Mr. Andrey Klochenko, Head of International Cooperation Department
Russian Customs Academy (Lubertsy, Moscow region)

Presentaions of the 4th International PICARD Youth Forum 2016 speakers