The International project "i-Customs" aims to unite students from all over the world to build the educational capacity in the field of customs business.

The main goals and objectives of the project "i-Customs":

  • to contribute to the promotion and improvement of the international student partnership and communication in the field of international business and law;
  • to contribute to the promotion of the scientific and research activity of the students from various universities, research institutes, academies and other institutions of higher education based on the interchange of experience and expertise in the field of international business and law;
  • modernization and effectivization of the system of international cooperation between higher educational institutions around the world.

The program of the Conference "i-Customs" involves a variety of formats: panels and section sessions, interactive discussions, which will realizes the maximal overview and productive discussion of the Conference topics

The project involves the publication of the identically-named scientific journal, which is issued twice a year.


i-customs conference


PICARD conference

i customs conference