The annual international youth conference “i-Customs” has been taking place in Russia since 2014. It was initiated by the Linguistic center of the Department of Customs and Logistics, the Institute of the International Business and Law of ITMO University.

The main idea of the Conference is to unite the students who focus on the study of International Trade and Customs Affairs of various countries into the community of rising professionals. The community that will be ready to take part in active discussions, scientific research and practical work based on the international experience.

We invite our lecturers, representatives of the Russian and foreign educational institutions, business experts to be our professional jury. We want to hear their opinions on our work because they are our teachers and mentors.


The 1st youth conference «i-customs»: «International Trade Facilitation» was held on May 29, 2014. 13 students presented their reports .According to the member of the jury, a business consultant Paul Fenner (USA), the speeches of the participants were "interesting, vivid and memorable":  “I would like to thank the students and administration for inviting me to attend the Students' Scientific Conference. The poise and confidence displayed by your students was very impressive. Everyone, including the students hosting the event, exemplified the traits that make excellent leaders. This type of preparation for the future is invaluable, and too few students graduate with the ability to effectively communicate. The University should be congratulated for developing this invaluable skill. I offer you my sincerest congratulations.”

The 2nd international youth conference «i-Customs»: «Regulation of the Foreign Trade Activity» took place on May 15, 2015. More than 20 participants presented their own research in logistics and customs-related spheres, considered the impact of the integration processes on the development of the Russian economy. The international coordinator of Lapland University of Applied Sciences, a jury member Teresa Shen noted a high level of professionalism displayed by the participants.

“i-Customs 2015” became one of the stages of the elimination round of the Youth Forum PICARD which was held in Baku (Azerbaijan) in September 2015. This event was the first experience of joining the International Conference of the World Customs Organization for the IMBIP students.


III international youth conference "i-Customs: «International Business and Customs Regulations":

During the Youth Forum PICARD the lecturers and students from the foreign universities, the world-class experts showed their interest in the «i–Customs 2016» conference. The Organizing Committee of the Youth Forum, in agreement with the universities of the partnering countries, made a decision to hold the conference on May 20, 2016.

Wiesław Czyżowicz, Dr., Ph. D., Professor of economics and law at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw (Poland), an internationally acknowledged Customs expert , agreed to be the Scientific Supervisor of the conference.

The lead world experts in the field of the foreign economic activity  and Customs Law also agreed to be part of the jury for «i–Customs 2016» . The International Scientific Council of the conference will give professional advice and recommendations to the students on the topics of their interest and the fields of their future research activity.

From 20 to 21 May at ITMO University the III International Youth Conference i-Customs “International Business and Customs regulation” took place. The conference became a platform where students from around the world could discuss questions about international trade, customs politics and procedures, where they could share their research results and participate in a speaking contest. After the conference, those students with the best work received a special pass to the IV Youth forum PICARD, organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) together with the Department of International Business and Law at ITMO University, which will take place in Autumn 2016 in Manila, Philippines.

The Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Kunio Mikuriya, gave the welcome address to the participants and guests of the conference. In his speech he noted the importance of youth actively participating in science and innovation as future members of the professional community.

“When I think about i-Customs, I think of international trade and international business in need of innovation and human resources, especially young resources. I appreciate that thanks to such initiatives, youth have the opportunity to come together, exchange views and to form a network for future cooperation. Partnerships require professionalism, integrity and honesty, since any organization is only as good as the people working in it. That is why investing in people is so important, so we devote a lot of time to education, training and research. We are looking forward to hearing the best speakers of i-Customs at the PICARD conference, where you can share your innovative ideas with the world community” – shared Kunio Mikuriya.

The first day of the event included presentations covering current issues in international trade and customs regulation, a hot topic for businesses, government authorities and governments of different countries. Video streams were arranged to include students who were not able to attend.

Leading international experts in international trade and customs regulation assessed the quality of work, its relevance and degree of sophistication. Robert Ireland, Head of the Research Unit at the World Customs Organization shared his thoughts about the conference.

“I’m very impressed by the very comfortable atmosphere of the conference. We heard excellent presentations, which makes it hard to choose the best students. It’s clear that a lot of work has been done to prepare these presentations. It should be noted that their presentations were made in a foreign language, which makes it much more difficult to present, but the participants coped well.” explained Mr. Ireland.

International student conference i-Customs is not a onetime event, it is part of a larger process designed to strengthen international communication and cooperation amongst students on the basis of scientific research and creating conditions for the realization of the intellectual potential of youth. The conference is a good opportunity for young people to expand their circle of professional contacts.

“ITMO University held an excellent conference. The organizers attracted leading specialists in the field of customs educations, setting a high bar for those who will be organizing the next conference. I hope that such meeting will become regular,” commented Professor Gennadiy Brovka from Belarussian National Technical University, and Foreign Policy and Security Research Center.

The conference was also marked by an important event, the creation of the International Customs Students Association ICSA. This initiative was supported by all partner universities.

“We are here for the first time. I read ITMO University’s slogan “It’s more than a university” and I couldn’t agree more. The atmosphere here is really special, excellent presentations, high level of organization and a unique jury whose opinions were interesting to hear. It was exciting and nerve-racking to get up on stage, because it’s a huge responsibility, but it’s also a great platform for growth,” explained Svetislava Volich andAlexander Komissarov, students of the Russian Customs Academy.

After lengthy deliberations, the jury announced the best papers which will be presented at the Youth Forum of the International Conference PICARD, held by the World Customs Organization on September 27-29, 2016 in Manila (Philippines).


We invite bachelors, specialists and masters with an interest in International trade and Customs to take part in the conference. The best reports will be recommended by the Expert Committee for participation in the V International Youth Forum PICARD, held by WCO on September 2017.

The Organizing Committee of

 the IV International Youth Conference «i-Customs»